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You and your team are subject matter experts. Share that knowledge with other organizations and professionals.  Our process is simple and painless. You are helping others in the sector fast-track their projects, implement programs faster and scale social change.

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Turn Knowledge into Revenue Streams

Sell Knowledge

We purchase high quality curricula, tools and programs. If you have a successful program that you have developed, we work with you to prepare the program for sale, and to generate revenue for your organization.

Make money every time someone buys your curriculum on our site.

We Help You license your curricula

We Help You License Your Curricula to Others

We help you to license our curricula to others. We have the legal agreements, templates & formats to get you started, and a knowledgeable team that can help you to set a competitive price.We market the curriculum on your behalf, and it is white labelled so your privacy is protected.

Turn your knowledge capital into revenue for your organization. Help others to  achieve strong results and help scale social change in the sector through sharing of resources.

Social exchange creates an opportunity for you to turn dormant knowledge assets into revenue-generating resources.





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we look for scaleable curriculum

What is a Scalable Curriculum?

Scaleable curricula are those which are easily modified, are straight forward and easy to use, have a demonstrated track record, with evaluation documents. 

They are also complete, with teaching notes, a course syllabus and have activities that can be adapted to different types of learning environments.

They are also proven, which means they have been run before, and evaluated for cause & effect.

If this sounds like your curriculum, give us a shout, we might be interested in working with you to develop it for sale.


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Step 1:

Submit Curriculum for Review

Submit your curriculum to us for review, via our portal.  Once received, our team will review the materials for completeness and contact you for next steps.

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Our Team Reviews Your Curriculum

Our team evaluates your curriculum to ensure it meets our site standards and our existing demand/supply needs. We may ask for more info or details where needed.

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Paperwork & Templates

Curricula successfully accepted into our marketplace are formatted to fit our existing templates, are licensed to us, and uploaded, ready to start selling.

How Much Money Can I Make?

How Much Money Will We Make?

Our site works on a commission model. This means that you earn money each time your curricula sells. How much you earn is based on the size and demand for similar curricula.  The average curriculum is sold 2-3X per year. This being said, some subjects are more in demand than others. As such, those curriculum will sell more often.

Each time your curriculum is sold, you make 50% of the net amount (sales price less merchant processing fees). We donate 5% yo another social agency (our charity of the month), and the remaining amounts covers our administrative costs, market costs, and  operating costs for running this site.

Checks & sales reports are mailed out once per quarter.  Once your curriculum is accepted, sit back and wait for additional revenue to come in.

How Do I Price My Curriculum?

We work with you to arrive at a price for each module. Sometimes we may bundle certain modules together in a promotional program, or offer  a site sale. Your price is automatically calculated based on the market. You don’t meed to worrry about this as our team takes care of the details.


Before your curriculum is accepted to our site,  it must be put into our standard format and include all required components. There are so many variations in format and delivery options, that to ensure it is in the right format for our end clients, we require a common format across our entire site.  This is your responsibility. If your curriculum is accepted, we send you the required templates for you to work with

Site Marketing

We market your curriculum for you and with you. We run many campaigns across different marketing and social media platforms. So keep your eyes open and you might see your curriculum.

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Our Why

What We Strive For

We strive to make high quality curriculum available to all organizations in the non profit sector. We want to scale social change and creating a marketplace for curriculum exchange is the first of several projects we have underway to help us achieve this.

We are also passionate about social enterprise, but know it is a challenge for most organizations. This company, is a babystep to helping organizations enter the social enterprise space in a non-threatening way and turn their knowledge assets into dollars.

We invite you to join us on our journey as we aim to grow impact in the non-profit and charity sector.