Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

What am I getting when I purchase a course from you?

You are getting a full curriculum, with syllabus, teaching notes and activities for each course.

What format are the courses in?

 You get a Zip, digital download file. In the file will be PDF and PowerPoint  and Word files. You can change whatever you want.

How many times can I use this curriculum?

As many as you want. You are buying a lifetime access pass.

Can I offer these courses online?

You bet! If you need extra support, you can even host the courses on our  Social Exchange Learning Management System for an additional fee.

Do you sell entire programs?

 Not yet, but bear with us, this is part of our Phase II.

How do I run these courses?

The answer is it depends! If you are running them as live in person courses, then you can just run through them as presentations or email the PDF’s to your students.  If you are hosting them through a Zoom or online interface you can just “present them”, or upload them to a Learning Management System (LMS).

Do you offer a moneyback guarantee?

No we don’t. Since you are purchasing a digital product, we cannot refund your purchase. Please contact us with any questions BEFORE you buy. We are here to help you.

If I sell you a curriculum, am I giving away the rights?

No, you authorize us to sell/distribute this product on your behalf and part of the sales process involves you authorizing us to sell this curriculum. Only curriculum owners are authroized to sell curriculum materials to us and receive payment

How much can I earn selling my curriculum via

It depends upon the volume of traffic to the site, competing curriculum and what people are purchasing.  You are paid out once a quarter via cheque or e transfer.

My curriculum is not selling, what can I do?

Be patient, it will happen. Help to promote it where you can and reach out to us.

Do you purchase my curriculum outright?

No, you earn commission as the curriculum sells. You are paid out once a quarter. 

Can I just send you my curriculum?

Please refer to the process on the “Sell” page. We need to ensure the consistency of our product and it involves a process of us reviewing the quality of your curriculum and you getting into our approved formats.

Do you cover the costs of getting my curriculum ready?

No. If you wish to list on our marketplace, you must have your curriculum in our approved format and your organization is responsible for bearing those costs.

What price should I list my curriculum at?

We will work with you to establish a price based on the price of other products in our shop to ensure the competitiveness.

How much do I make from each transaction?

As per our “Sell” page, you receive 45% commission on every digital sale.

Why is your commission so high?

Our commission is in line with other sites. Part of our charitable give back involves dedicating 10% of the price of each purchase to a charity of our choice. The other 45% is to cover our technical support, marketing and operational costs to keep the site going for you.

Can my organization be one of your charities of choice?

For sure. We accept nominations, but ultimately this is decided by the company each quarter.

Do you pay me upfront for curriculum purchases?

No, you earn commission as the curriculum sells. You are paid out at the end of each quarter.

About Our Courses

Women's Courses

These courses have been developed specifically to address some of the systemic issues marginalized women face. These types of programs are great for anyone who identifies as female.

Soft Skills Training

These are courses designed to provide soft skills training to youth and other at risk individuals. It will include courses such as Self-confidence, organizational skills and other job readiness subjects. Great for youth, and other first time job seekers.


Several of our boot-camp labelled programs are designed to be intense programs that are offered over a condensed period of time.


Expanded programs cover a wide subject range and are designed to be offered over a longer period of time (3 moths or longer) to allow participants to absorb and process the material.

Quick Start

Quickstart programs are those that can be launched with our LMS within 48 hours of purchase.

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