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We take the pain out of creating curricula. Focus on your core strengths, avoid the high cost of curriculum development and purchase our proven, evaluated & custom curricula.

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Our Story

Developed by  Consultants and Non-Profit sector professionals, Social Exchange was developed to help optimize efficiency within the non-profit and charitable sectors. Working in the sector, we saw organizations continuously start from scratch in developing tools and learning materials for their target populations. Frustrated by the lack of knowledge sharing, we brought together some of our best clients and curricula that we’d worked with to build a place where organizations can buy professional curriculum with confidence.  Know that your clients are getting proven training, developed by industry professionals.

Buy Professional Curricula with Confidence

Developing a curriculum for a course or program no longer has to be a cringe-worthy process. With Social Exchange, you are getting a professional, proven & evaluated curriculum at a fraction of the cost of developing one. No wonder non-profits are changing the ways they buy curriculum. 

View Before You Buy…

Don’t take our word for it, instead, you can view each curriculum’s syllabus in full,  the first few pages, as well as the teaching notes. This way you can purcahse with confidence, knowing what you are getting before you buy.

Each Curricula is Proven & Tested. What does this mean?

Before each curriculum is accepted to our site, it has demonstrate its track-record. This means it has to have been delivered several times before, have been evaluated and is offered in our standardized format.

This means you are getting  a complete curriculum, sure to meet the needs of your students. Some curricula are specially designed for special audiences, such as women or individuals with barriers. We guarantee the success of reach curriculum.

What I Get:


Course Syllabus & Teaching Notes


PDF, Powerpoint/Word files that you can edit


Ability to edit curricula to fit your audience


3 year license for each purchase

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